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To print out the Stay Designated Scholarship Program forms click the link below:

Scholarship Application 2014

Purpose: To provide scholarships to two (2) individuals interested in or intending to pursue post-high school course of study at either college/university or other post-secondary educational institution.



Award Components: Two (2) $1,000.00 scholarships and individual certificates awarded to two (2) individuals selected by the Stay Designated Scholarship Committee.




·         Applicants applying for the Stay Designated Scholarship must demonstrate strong moral fiber and exemplify the values of Stay Designated, Inc. The applicant may have been cited, charged, and/or convicted of an alcohol related crime, completed their DMV and Court mandated programs in their entirety (minus parole or probation completion), and have been without police contact for 12 months prior to submittal. If the applicant has been involved in an alcohol or substance related inccident, they must demonstrate full rehabilitation.

·         Applicants applying for the Eric A. Singleton Scholarship must be seeking a career as an electrician or related discipline.

·         Applicant need not be a graduating high school senior in the year of award. Applicants may be any age as long as they intend on attending a college/university or trade school the next school year.

·         Applicant must show prior academic transcripts and performance showing a 2.5 minimum GPA

·         Two (2) academic references and three (3) personal references are required

·         Applicant must exhibit a strong commitment in not continuing to participate in substance abuse and destructive behaviors.

·         Must be a California resident

·         Applicant must demonstrate a strong motivation to achieve positive-impact personal/community goals and possess strong moral fiber.



Application Process:

 Applicant must submit the following items:

1.       Completed Application Form (If handwritten, please print legibly).

2.       Personal Essay of the applicants choosing.

3.       Signed Consent and Release Form

4.       Signed Statement of Accuracy Form

5.       Required references and proof of charge/conviction if necessary



Deadline: 5PM, Monday, April 28th 2014. Applications postmarked or delivered after this date will not be considered.



Please submit your application to:



Stay Designated, Inc.

Scholarship Program 2013

3833 Schaefer Avenue

Suite K


Chino, CA. 91710