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SAS/SAS Family Groups

Substance Abuse Support Group (SAS) is held at Stay Designated Counseling Services

This is considered an OPEN group and is available to anyone who is struggling with substance use/abuse. While the SAS group does not directly work with 12-step programs, we fully support the 12-step model and welcome those whom have both, sought recovery through those fellowships before, as well as those currently attending AA/NA meetings.   

SAS is designed to offer both the flexibility of meetings as well as the accountability some may need through structured containment. Random drug screens may be done in order to insure accountability and honesty for the individual, as well as the group at large. While we welcome any person(s) struggling with substance abuse to attend, we recommend that the SAS group is utilized as a form of maintaince and long-term care, after the completion of our outpatient substance abuse program, Chances for Change.

Similarly to that program, SAS is more than just a support group. Weekly, thought provoking assignments, such as reading, journaling, and critical thinking, are encouraged by the facilitator in order to give the individual a "hands-on" feel for their own recovery. Allowing ourselves to be proactive with our recovery, assists us to recognize the true investment we have in our sobriety.

Monday @ 12PM
Groups are 90-minutes in length
Cost is $20 each week

SAS Family Group (Time and Date TBD)

This is considered an OPEN group and is available to anyone who has a relationship with someone struggling with substance abuse and destructive behaviors. Be it your family member, spouse, friend, co-worker, etc., it is important that as supporters, we understand what addiction really is, how to offer support to those that are struggling, and also how to allow ourselves to have the support and care that we need. 

For more information of group availability, please contact Stay Designated at (909) 590 2900 or email us at info@staydesignated.org.