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Outpatient Substance Abuse Program: Chances for Change
Chances for Change

Chances for Change is an outpatient substance abuse program designed to address the needs of individuals who may or may not identify as addicts and to inspire in them the belief that change is indeed possible. Excessive use is only one piece of addiction. This program is optimal for organizations, schools, and/or businesses who regularly test employees or students. Allowing the school and/or employer to utilize our program helps the cost effectiveness of firing, rehiring, and retraining individuals whom you have already invested in. The Chances for Change program is built to respond to the individual need following a positive drug screen and to offer individuals a second opportunity to exhibit both a want and need for personal growth. Though this program is recommended following a positive screen, we often suggest that any individual who struggles with substance abuse utilize this program to help begin and sustain their recovery. 

The goals of the program are:

Develop Self-Awareness
Acknowledgement of Substance Abuse or Dependence
Active Participation in Recovery
Sustaining Recovery
Coping with Relapse
Improving Quality of Life

Combining coaching, psychoeducation, and individual therapy, each participant follows a program which includes:

Entry interview and assessment with Program Director followed by drug screening
Weekly individual appointments with a professional Treatment Therapist in which the participant follows a highly structured, but personalized program including weekly interactive assignments
Each participant receives a workbook of their very own
Attendance of five (5) outside 12-step meetings of their choice (i.e. AA, NA, Celebrate Recovery)
One (1) additional random drug screen
Exit interview with program director
Two SAS group sessions are included and are encouraged to be utilized following week ten (10) 
Participant is supplied with completion letter/certificate 

This program is designed to be on a ten (10) week schedule and ideally can run concurrently with school and/or work.

An extended program, which consists of two (2) sessions per week for ten (10) weeks, resulting in twenty (20) total sessions with the Treatment Therapist/Program Director is available. This program is recommended for those that require more containment as well as accountability throughout their recovery. 

For those that are unable to return to work/school until program completion, a Probationary Approval Letter will be given after week six (6) pending program completion and a mandatory drug screen is required prior to week (6). A $50 Administration Fee is required in such cases to cover cost of extra drug screen. 
Proof of the non-return policy from the work/school is required for program attendence.  

Included within the Chances for Change Program Package, are two (2) Substance Abuse Support Group (SAS) sessions. Please see our Substance Abuse Support Group page for more details!

Contact us at info@staydesignated.org or (909) 203 7825 to enroll.

Please print and fill out the following forms for your first appointment:

Client Information Sheet
HIPPA Policy
Informed Consent Form
Informed Consent Addendum
Authorization Form
Cancellation Policy
Screening Program Form
Screening List

While our Substance Abuse Support Group is made available to anyone at anytime, separate from those included, we recommend that all individuals attend the SAS group following Chances for Change completion as ongoing mantinence. 

Please note that our ten (10) and twenty (20) session programs operate on separate pricing scales due to each being different levels of the Chances for Change Program.